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Lemobs, combining technology expertise with public policy knowledge

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Lemobs is a GovTech company that is part of the innovation ecosystem within the UFRJ Technology Park. Our mission is to make cities smarter through the use of innovative technologies, enabling public officials to access crucial data for transparent, cost-effective management, informed decision-making, and a focus on citizens.

CEO da Lemobs - Sérgio

Sérgio Rodrigues

Lemobs CEO

It is evident that technology can help improve public management, bring benefits to the population, and, of course, recognize the achievements of capable administrators. We witness how change occurs day by day. Simultaneously, as management enhances service delivery and transparency, it saves millions of dollars.

Sérgio Rodrigues

Lemobs CEO

Technological Solutions for Smart Cities

Our products and services cover areas such as inspection, citizen services, management and analysis, environment, urban cleaning, direct and indirect infrastructure projects, human rights, education, student nutritional monitoring, and healthcare.

A history filled with awards, certifications, and social responsibility

A history filled with awards, certifications, and social responsibility

Where We Are

We are located at the UFRJ Technology Park, a space that combines technology, modernity, and comfort like no other.

Cidade Universitária da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, RJ

R. Aloísio Teixeira, 278 - Building 3, Room 306 - RJ, 21941-850

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