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Our products feature web interfaces, operational maps, applications, dashboards, and APIs for integration, cloud technology, and can be accessed by servers, citizens, and administrators.

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SIGELU - Urban Cleaning

SIGELU is a comprehensive solution for the Digital Transformation of cities. In addition to digitizing processes, the technology employed helps reduce expenses and increase municipal revenue.

AEI - Smart School Meals

The solution automates the process of creating healthy menus and preparation sheets, managing food inventory and order approvals, as well as conducting acceptability and quality tests.

Aedes Combat

The Aedes Combat program assists public organizations in reducing cases of Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya throughout the country through efficient mapping and the elimination of breeding sites.

My Health

Health is a comprehensive solution that integrates Intelligent Electronic Health Records, Participatory Patient, and Care Networks (clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, imaging clinics, and laboratories), putting healthcare in the hands of the patient.

Zelus - Public Safety

Provide more security for citizens through the use of an intelligent system with various tools.