Combate Aedes: The best path is prevention

The "Combate Aedes" helps public organizations reduce cases of Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya nationwide through efficient mapping and elimination of breeding sites.

How does the Combate Aedes work?

See how Combate Aedes can be an efficient tool for combating dengue in your city, assisting in the registration of inspections and identifying potential mosquito breeding sites.

Resources and Advantages

Quick Inspection Registration

In just 4 steps, the user completes the inspection registration, streamlining decision-making processes.


All registered data is available on a map, making it possible to know the locations of breeding sites.

Data Integration

Sharing of collected data with relevant health authorities, such as municipal and state health departments.

Data Visualization and Statistics

Reports and charts that provide a comprehensive view for prevention measures.

Engagement for Prevention

Combate Aedes encourages active user participation in the fight against dengue.

Notifications and Alerts

The application can send notifications and alerts to users, reminding them to conduct regular inspections in their areas.

Access it on your mobile phone and do your part!

Combates Aedes in Numbers

Inspections conducted
+ 929280
Dengue breeding sites eliminated
+ 22300
Active users
+ 6000

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