Minha Saúde: Complete solution for integrating health data

Integration of Intelligent Electronic Medical Records, Participatory Patients, and Care Networks, putting health in the hands of the patient.

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Health Guidance

Information about appropriate service channels and locations. Guidance via phone or WhatsApp.

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Health Card

Easy access to the SUS Card and Health ID through the application.

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Public Organizations

Cost reduction and greater effectiveness in promoting the health and well-being of employees.

Health Indicator Monitoring

Through the "My Health" application, it is possible to record and monitor vital signs, allowing the doctor to conduct remote analyses.

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Map with Service Locations and Shifts

Through the "My Health" application, you can locate the nearest service points and facilitate contact with an on-call professional.

Integrated Data in One Place

Centralizing data allows for updating information and sharing it with medical teams, promoting personalized and efficient care.

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Access on your mobile

Compatible with Android and iOS systems. Download it now!

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Partnerships and Awards

Citizens, download the "My Health" App now

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Municipal Managers, sign up here

Frequently Asked Questions

To integrate citizens’ health data in one place and identify individuals at risk and those with coronavirus symptoms through self-assessment.

Citizens, municipalities, companies, and non-governmental organizations.

Simply access the Google Play or the App Store on your mobile device and search for “appminhasaude,” all together. Then, click “Install” and wait for the download.

After downloading the app, click “Get Started” and proceed with the self-assessment until you receive the result. After the instructions, click “Continue” to register and enjoy all the benefits of integrating your health data in one place.

When you open the app, click on “Already have an account?” and then on “Forgot the password?”. Next, enter your CPF (login) and click the “Send SMS” button. You will receive a code on your mobile and, following the steps, you can set a new access password.

In the upper left corner, there is a circle that you should click to access “My Account,” where you can change your photo, add your SUS Card, Vaccination Card, personal information, and the app access password. Additionally, you can access your data from a computer via the link https://appminhasaude.prontlife.com.br and, using the same login and password, make changes.

Adoption is free, the municipality simply needs to sign the Usage Agreement, the Adhesion Agreement, and fill out the Contact Form. We will then get in touch to proceed with the quick adoption process.

The app was developed by HealthTech ProntLife and GovTech Lemobs and is supported by partners COPPE/UFRJ, LNCC, UNIFEI, and CNM.

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