Sigelu and the Lixo Zero program: 95% approval from the population of Rio de Janeiro

Since 2017, the Lixo Zero program has made the Urban Cleaning Law effective and reduced solid waste disposal on the streets by 65%.

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approval from the population
67 %
reduction in litter thrown on the streets
45 %

R$ 40 million

accumulated in fines​

approval from the population
67 %
reduction in litter thrown on the streets
45 %

R$ 40 million

accumulated in fines

The Rio de Janeiro City Hall adopted the Lixo Zero campaign

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The Lixo Zero Program, an initiative promoted by the Rio de Janeiro City Hall in partnership with COMLURB (Urban Cleaning Company), was a successful case in reducing the disposal of solid waste on the streets.

Aimed at improving urban hygiene in Rio de Janeiro, the program, which began in July 2013, mobilized agents from COMLURB, the Municipal Guard, and the Military Police, who joined forces to issue fines to those caught disposing of waste on the public roads of the city.

This approach aimed to ensure the effectiveness of the Urban Cleaning Law and, at the same time, raise awareness among the population about the importance of avoiding improper waste disposal on streets, beaches, squares, and other public areas.

The impact of Lixo Zero on Urban Cleaning Law 3273/2001

Despite its importance, the Urban Cleaning Law 3273/2001 only began to reach its potential from 2013 when the Lixo Zero inspection app was launched to improve the fight against improper waste disposal, as Rio de Janeiro would host the Olympic Games in 2016.

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In the media: Lixo Zero success highlighted

The success of the Lixo Zero program resonated in various news outlets and websites, validating the impact the program had on the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

Results of the Lixo Zero Program

The results achieved by the Lemobs team in the development of this project are remarkable and demonstrate not only technical competence but also a significant commitment to improving the quality of life in the city of Rio de Janeiro:

- R$ 40 million in fines issued.
- 95% approval from the population.
- 63% reduction in litter on the streets.

The project not only enforces and penalizes but also educates and raises awareness, promoting a cultural shift in waste disposal and citizen behavior.

Lixo Zero

Partners of the Lixo Zero program in Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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The Impact of Sigelu

Our solution contributes to the digital transformation of cities and directly impacts 3 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

06 Clean Water and Sanitation;

12 Responsible Consumption and Production;

16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

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Enforce with Sigelu, the complete software with features for urban cleaning management

The SIGELU consists of a set of solutions designed exclusively for the improvement of municipal public services, making cities smart, connected, and inclusive.

Its modules serve various segments:

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