AEI - Smart School Meals in indigenous schools in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul (MS)

Resulting in an 80% reduction in waste and nutritional alignment according to the guidelines of the National School Meals Program (PNAE) in indigenous schools in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul (MS).

65 %
waste reduction
2 tons
of carbon saved
R$ 398010
in savings
students were benefited

The AEI pilot at Tengatuí Marangatú School

In May 2022, the technology was used at the Tengatuí Marangatú Indigenous Municipal School in Dourados, MS, as part of the Ecco Comunidades program launched by the BRF Institute in partnership with the organizations Quintessa and Prosas, with the aim of reducing food losses and waste.

Within the project, the system was used to:

- Create menus with nutritional adequacy according to the nutritional per capita.
- Generate preparation sheets and shopping lists with food quantity calculations based on the number of students.
- Provide portioning recommendations by age group.
- Conduct acceptability testing with leftover monitoring.
- And other AEI functionalities.

Rubens Rosário

Tengatuí Marangatú School
Dourados MS

I want to express my gratitude for this project that has come to benefit our community. There has been concern about food waste for a long time, and this project has helped us, it has helped the cooks to reduce food waste. It has greatly improved, and there has been a very significant advancement in terms of savings.

Rubens Rosário

DIRECTOR - Tengatuí Marangatú School | Dourados MS

Expansion of AEI to 7 indigenous schools

The BRF Institute, the current impact investor of AEI, enabled the continuation of the solution at Tengatuí and the expansion of the project to 6 more indigenous schools in Dourados until December 2022, with full support from the Municipal Department of Education of Dourados (SEMED). The following schools:

- Agustinho,
- Araporã,
- Francisco Meireles,
- Lacu’i Roque Isnard,
- Pai Chiquito Pedro,
- and Ramão Martins.

They all went through a routine of follow-up visits with interns and nutritionists, as well as training sessions with the cooks to improve meal preparation and the utilization of food in its entirety.


Pai Chiquito School
Dourados MS

I am very happy with the project, with you all here. Many things we didn’t know, like how to make the most of the food and the right way to prepare it to avoid waste, already help us have more food in the school


COOK - Pai Chiquito School | Dourados MS

Interactive Training

The interactive training sessions, which were aimed at the cooks, also included discussions with the school administration and teachers, with the purpose of equipping the team to prepare healthy meals and reduce waste.

These training sessions covered topics such as the comprehensive utilization of food, menus, preparation sheets, portioning, and presentation of dishes, as well as waste separation and disposal.

Implementation Results

With the support of the BRF Institute, the Municipal Department of Education of Dourados (SEMED), and the school staff, AEI achieved significant results:

Partners and supporters of the implementation in Dourados, MS

The Impact of AEI

Our solution contributes to better food management in schools and has an impact on 6 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

02 Zero Hunger and Sustainable Agriculture;

03 Good Health and Well-being;

04 Quality Education;

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities;

12 Responsible Consumption and Production;

13 Climate Action.

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