Promoting health and education, Lemobs collaborates with Maricá Municipal Secretary and Univassouras in Nutritionist Day event

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(Photo: Lemobs)

In an effort to foster health and well-being, Maricá Municipal Secretary and the University of Vassouras, Maricá Campus, joined forces for an initiative that impacted the local community. On August 31, marked as Nutritionist Day, a action-packed event took place with students from the Campus of Transformative Public Education (CEPT) Leonel Brizola, the largest integral school in Brazil, with about 2200 students.

Lemobs actively participated in the initiative, supporting it with enthusiasm. Through the partnership, the govtech brought its technology to contribute to the event. Of the main activities conducted, two focused on the company’s solution: an acceptability test and the collection of student data.

However, the event had a wide variety of dynamics, all centered around promoting healthy eating. An example was the activities during breaks with playful approaches to address important subjects for children’s development.

The active participation of professionals from the Education Department, along with interns and university students, marked the date with a commitment to nutritional education.

Lemobs expresses pride in being part of this uplifting action, reaffirming its commitment to nutrition and education, with a direct impact on local development.

Nutricionistas com banner do Aproveita+.
(Photo: Lemobs)